The Chinese Room

When you enter the Chinese Room you are completely floored by a magnificent indoor pagoda. During the first half of the twentieth century anything Chinese was very sort after and people of means would fill their homes with knick-knacks from China. This piece is far from a trinket, it would fill most people’s living room. All hand carved from pine, we would have thought they might use a more stable wood but pine is easy to work and was obviously well seasoned. There are figures everywhere, on the inside, on the sides, on the inside of the roof, we just didn’t have time on the show to do this piece justice so it’s worth a visit just to see this piece. It’s one of a kind.

Florence's bed, looked pretty comfortable!

One of the other attractions at Claydon House is you get to take a look at Florence Nightingale's private room. Her sister married a Verney and she had her own permanent place here at Claydon. Her belongings are still there for you to look through, the bed, bureau and her books.

Florence's bureau and books

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