Sir Winston Churchill's Sun Lounger

When David is location scouting he tries to get behind the scenes as much as possible to find some interesting pieces of furniture for the show. This time he really lucked out. As he was leaving the property he bumped into the property manager who asked him if he had found anything useful for the show. Unfortunately David hadn’t found anything that he could use and thanked the people at Chartwell for their hospitality. He hadn’t taken more than a few steps when the manager called out to him and said “Did anyone show you the basement” It was hot' very late in the day and he was ready to call it quits but thought oh well while I’m here.

How we found it

After a walk back through the house, down the stairs and out into the garden, through an old padlocked door and underneath the heating pipes, all the way the manager explaining that the piece he had in mind was probably no good as it had been left down here for about 40 years he came to the dustiest and darkest part of the basement and in the corner, leaning up against the wall was Sir Winston Churchill’s personal sun lounger. After a little persuasion and agreeing that we would be supervised at all times with such a valuable piece it was agreed that we could use it on the show.
Sir Winston was photographed in this chair but the copyright holders wanted so much money for us to use it this just wasn’t possible for us to show it to you but what a treat to get it out in the sun one more time. They tell us they're thinking of having it restored and placed in the garden for all to see, it would be great to think we played a hand in revealing this piece of history and getting it back on view for all to enjoy.

Churchill's Dining Room

This is the dining room at Chartwell and it was the host to many a dinner party, filled to capacity with the royal, rich and famous people of Churchill's social address book. It is here that Lady Astor said to Churchill "If you were my husband I'd poison your tea" and his response was "Madam, if you were my wife I'd drink it" just one of the many famous quotes from the famous man himself. This is a cool place to visit.

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