The knife cleaner

While looking though a magazine David spotted a piece of furniture made by a local craftsman Andrew Manning and he liked it so much he contacted him as asked if he would mind if we made one on the show. We didn't really have a theme in mind for this piece except that this unusual piece of furniture was great to organise all your bits and pieces and would fit well in a hallway, kitchen or office. The original was slightly different with a felt corkboard in the centre section but David wanted to put a whiteboard in his to keep notes and sketches in the workshop.
It's made from solid Maple and it gets used in the shop all the time. When we were at Speke Hall in Liverpool last year to look at another piece we noticed how organised the kitchen was. All the pots and pans were purchased from a mail order catalogue around the turn of the century and they were all engraved with the house name. David loves gadgets, and when he saw the knife cleaner he said "we have to shoot something here!" Then he remembered the Kitchen Organizer and after we asked the people at Speke what they would have used to keep a record of the shopping list for the day, nobody knew, probably a ledger they said so we though this would be the one thing they could have used!

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