Old time radiator cabinets... good as new!

Well things haven’t changed much over the years when it comes to radiator covers. They came into fashion in Victorian times and we were surprised to see how similar they are to today’s versions. No MDF back then so dry wood with little or no moisture in it must have been used to make these as they haven’t moved at all over the years. All the joints were as tight as they were when they were built. Wire mesh front and the front panels were removable just like the one David built in this episode.
The major difference is that most radiator cabinets built these days are made from MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard). A manmade board consisting of wood fibre held together with glue. There has been a lot of discussion over recent years about the dangers of cutting and breathing the dust from MDF as the glues they use are carcinogenic. The truth is that any wood dust is very bad for you if inhaled and that’s why a good dust extraction system is so important in your workshop. The dust extraction system in The Great British Woodshop is so powerful that one of the crew lost a filling once and we found it in the dust bag. Only joking but it is very good at removing the dust at source, even so David will use a dust mask for secondary protection. When we aren’t shooting most of the time he wears a full face shield that filters the air and pumps clean air into the face shield. These are available from Trend Routing Machinery and are well worth the investment to keep your lungs free of dust. We also have two large capacity secondary dust extraction units mounted on the ceiling of the workshop available from JET. 

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