A very nice bedside cabinet

The furniture in this room was all custom made and is remarkably modern for its time. Almost ahead of its time in fact, all matching pieces and built in a modular style like a modern store bought bedroom suite. The wardrobes came in sections and were put together DIY style and the chest of draws, and the wardrobe doors and the bedside cabinet doors are all treated with the same gold material. This piece wasn't tapered and had a painted finish but David wanted to make this project out of Cherry, his favourite wood. He also wanted to create something more than just a square box so decided to taper the sides of the cabinet. He had a piece of Cherry in the workshop that he had been keeping for about 10 years, he said the tree it came from a tree that fell in the big storms we had in 1987. The board was over 16 inches wide and about 11 feet long. There was one part of this board that was absolutely beautiful, a section where a branch once grew and after it was planed and oiled you wouldn't believe how beautiful it came up.

While he was making the cabinet for the show we didn't have a single piece as nice as the first one but we did find something else special. You'll have to watch this episode to find out what this is!

All the modern conveniences!

This flushing commode was the must have Christmas present for the wealthy homeowner. It is all self contained, no more having to wander outside to the outhouse. Built in Victorian times it had its own water reservoir built into the box and a pump to bring the water to a spout in the top of the bowl. Even the bottom flap was hinged so the waste could be flushed into a separate bin underneath and to keep any nasty niffs contained although I'll bet the seals where not that good. Built so long ago and yet if you have ever travelled on a plane, it's not a lot different than what we have today. A really fun piece to see though.

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