Pembroke Table

This is one of the Pembroke tables we found at Polesden Lacey and it was a beautiful example of old world craftsmanship. A spider’s web inlay with a fan medallion in the center made from a fruit wood which we think was pear.We used the Rule Joint a construction technique used for hundreds of years and like this piece David chose to put the drawers in the end of the table.

The inspiration for the sliding support arm in the Compact Kitchen Diner project

Polesden has many fine pieces of furniture and this gave us lots of ideas for our Kitchen Diner project. All the commercially available tables we've seen have the drawers in the front and they end up either being covered by the drop leaf of the table or pushed against the wall. With a drop leaf on either side of our table David wanted to be able to access the contents of the draw easily and to do away with the usual gate leg that supports the drop-leaf. The idea for the sliding support arm came from this swing out arm. David tried a couple of prototype designs using this type of arm folding arm but none were strong enough so he came up with the sliding arm acting as a cantilever and it worked just great.

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