This table is Amazing!

David usually starts with the same question when he visits the locations for the show. "I need to find a really unique piece of furniture" he doesn't actually expect anyone to have a unique piece of furniture but he asks anyway. This time the answer was "as a matter of fact..." Well he was like a kid in a candy shop. This table looks like a any other table modern or otherwise, a classic piece that would look good in any living room but the secret was inside.

Stage II

When you fold back the hinged top you reveal two steps fastened to the underside of the top

What a great idea

The centre section hidden inside the table can then be lifted up and a brace can then be folded out to hold it in place. One of the most unusual pieces we've ever seen. The legs look a little thin but it has withstood countless numbers of people climbing up it over the years so it must be OK.

A little large and we don’t really have to many places in our Living Rooms to climb to these days so David decided to still build a stool but just on a smaller scale. Some how I think he was pressured into building a wooden step stool by the crew. We were always kidding him about the metal kitchen stool he was using in the shop and we think he finally buckled.

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