Make a wooden deckchair

Make a wooden deckchair

Build an Adirondack Chair from upcycled pallet wood. A great addition to any back garden. Learn to make a wooden deckchair to take home.

What is so special about the Adirondack chair?
Google says it’s explicitly designed for hours of lounging, the legendary Adirondack chair makes it almost impossible not to relax or even doze off completely once you’ve settled into its high back and reclining, backward-sloping seat resting close to the ground. The design that we know today was named after the Adirondack mountain range in New York.  The Canadians call it a  Muskoka chair. I just call it Comfortable.

Content score (practical/info-theory): 5/3


Learn valuable skills including:

  • Measuring and marking out
  • Plans
  • Preparing the wood
  • Cutting to size
  • Using templates
  • Nail Guns
  • Mitre Saw
  • Sanding and preparing for finish
  • Minimum of 2 bookings for this course to run.




Location: The Great British Woodshop, Oakcroft Road, West Byfleet, KT14 6JH

Build an Adirondack Chair from upcycled pallet wood. A great addition to any back garden.

Price: £90



Just completed my second course today. Fun, informative, practical, and eye-opening. Both the DIY and tray making classes gave me so much confidence to work with tools and start making/fixing things. I didn't realise how many times the men I trusted to do work on my home were getting it wrong until I learned the right way from David - thanks again!
Make a wooden deckchair, 4 hour class
"I thoroughly enjoyed this course! It was a great blend of both understanding some basic woodworking, and then being allowed to independently move onto the actual cutting and construction of the chair. The group size was also perfect, was lovely to have people to work alongside, but also not too many people that you couldn’t get help if you needed. David was a fantastic tutor, and really helped everyone feel equipped to take on the project, no matter their level of previous experience. His encyclopaedic knowledge of woodworking was evident, and he was a very patient and encouraging teacher. I would highly recommend."
Make a wooden deckchair, 4 hour class
"What a great day! I learnt so much in a very friendly, relaxed atmosphere. David was a great teacher. So many handy hints packed into one day. Despite having dabbled in DIY for many years I learnt loads of new stuff. It was quite an intensive day. My only criticism would be it could be an hour longer and then it wouldn't feel like there was a rush to fit everything in by 4pm. I would definitely look at coming on another of your courses."
Make a wooden deckchair, 4 hour class