The Great British Woodshop
Woodwork classes and DIY classes tailored to your personal skill level. Classes are run by woodwork craftsman and former television presenter David Free.

The Great British Woodshop

Woodwork & DIY classes

At the Great British Woodshop, students of all abilities are given a warm welcome at our large and fully tooled workshop in West Byfleet, Surrey. Courses include Woodwork, DIY, Special Project Courses, Spray Painting, Upcycling and Upholstery and school holiday classes for 7-16 year olds.

LEARN Woodwork and DIY

WoodworK Classes & DIY Classes

Choose from one of our class types to find a class suitable for you. 

Learn the art of woodworking, from basic techniques to crafting practical furniture pieces with expert tutor David Free. Transform raw materials into handcrafted creations using a mix of hand and machine tools in a supportive, safe environment. Discover the satisfaction of creating pieces you can be proud of.

Unleash your DIY potential with our expert-led classes. From our all-rounder DIY day class covering basic skills to short courses including tiling, plumbing, plasterboarding, electrical work and more. Led by David Free, our courses offer a supportive environment to help you tackle your home repairs and renovations with confidence. 


Discover the art of spray painting with this comprehensive class. In a supportive and fun environment, you’ll learn about the equipment, materials and safety measures needed for you to achieve a professional finish on various surfaces.

If you are a mechanic, a car or bike restorer, a DIY’er or maybe you want to start doing some metalwork art or just want to be able to repair the odd broken bracket the skill of being able to weld can be a real-time and money saver.

Our basic upholstery class, reupholstering a dining chair, is a perfect way to learn how to update and reimagine your existing furniture.  Another favourite project is creating an upholstered top for a footstool that you learn to make from scratch!

Our upcycling classes focus on repurposing and reusing wooden materials. And one of our most popular projects? Creating wooden planters! Learn to build and finish a wooden planter from scratch, while integrating reclaimed materials into your design.

Our Basic Electrical Courses are for the DIY homeowner and are not an electrician qualification.   Part 1 deals looks at theory and part 2 puts the theory into practice.

Learn the skills required to cut and fix plasterboard to walls and ceilings including surface preparation, taping and filling, repairs, dealing with corners and much more.

This course is for homeowners who want to learn the basics so they can repair or fix simple common plumbing problems around the house.

We have a whole range of seasonal classes throughout the year. Some of our most popular classes are sledge building, make a bird house or bird table or make a hedgehog house which they can use all year round. Another popular class for the warmer weather is our deckchair class – wood or fabric? You choose.


The Great British
Woodshop on tv!

Before the Great British Bake Off or the Great British Sewing Bee, was the Great British Woodshop TV Series. The Great British Woodshop TV series empowered viewers to approach new woodwork projects inspired by stately homes confidently from design to finish.

For 15 years, The Great British Woodshop has educated, supported, and inspired DIY enthusiasts. The Great British Woodshop is one of the UK’s premier instructional centres for woodworking, furniture making, DIY, and general building.

Woodwork classes & DIY Classes

Customer reviews

I attended one of David's DIY courses last year (which has been put to good use a number of times since!) so decided to book one of his project courses - making a tray. David explains things clearly and having demonstrated what to do it's over to you, but always under his careful watch. Really pleased with how the tray turned out. And no question is a daft question 🙂 Have come home and booked on the next course!!
Lizzie H
Woodworking class participant
I've been on two courses run by David now and both have been excellent. His knowledge is incredible. He's a talented teacher with a good sense of humour. I would definitely recommend.
Woodworking course participant
I thoroughly enjoyed this course! It was a great blend of both understanding some basic woodworking, and then being allowed to independently move onto the actual cutting and construction of the chair. The group size was also perfect, was lovely to have people to work alongside, but also not too many people that you couldn’t get help if you needed. David was a fantastic tutor, and really helped everyone feel equipped to take on the project, no matter their level of previous experience. His encyclopaedic knowledge of woodworking was evident, and he was a very patient and encouraging teacher. I would highly recommend.
"Make a canvas deckchair to take home" woodworking course participant
-excellent course with lots of finer details explained in an easy to understand way -was able to fix a bedroom light that was on hold for months! -very pleased with the course and its content and confident to tackle the mundane electric jobs in the house, within the acceptable constraints
Woodworking class participant

The Great British Woodshop


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