About our teachers



David Free

Woodworking craftsman and television presenter David Free runs the Great British Woodshop Courses. He is DRB certified. After school, David received a scholarship from the Australian Federal Government and trained as an Electronics and Telecommunications engineer but his passion for woodwork, brought out by a high school teacher when he was a teenager, always remained a hobby throughout his 20+ years in the communications industry.

He has been practicing woodwork and general building for 40 years and teaching all ages for 20 of those. His TV credits include work for the Discovery Channel and ITV. David is passionate about sharing his woodwork and DIY knowledge. He is a product designer and inventor and has created custom furniture commission work for private and corporate clients. His passions outside work include flying, classic cars and motorcycles.

Neil Trundle

Neil has worked for 53 years in the world of motor racing. He began his career in 1968 with Sir Jack Brabham in F1 and Indy car. In 1971, he founded the famous RONDEL RACE F2 TEAM in partnership with Ron Dennis, whose driver’s included Graham Hill.  Neil joined Tyrrell Racing in 1974 as a development engineer, and was responsible for the build and development of the 6 wheeler P34.

In 1976, he rejoined Ron Dennis in his new team, Project Four Racing. He formed his own successful Formula Three race team in 1981 through to 1984. In 1985 then back at McLaren he became chief mechanic to Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna in 1988 and 1989. Neil moved to head the Heritage team, until retirement in Oct 2021. 

Neil is experienced in all types of joining metals ( welding, brazing, silver solder, and solder). This includes gas fluxer brazing, steel torch welding, Tig welding of ally and steel, MIG and fluxed stick. 



Founder and Director of the Great British Woodshop


Neil Trundle

Formula One Engineer and Mechanic