Welding Classes

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned welder looking to enhance your skills, we have the perfect class for you. Our expert instructors are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience in the world of welding, ensuring you receive top-notch training in a safe and supportive environment. From mastering the basics of various welding techniques to exploring advanced fabrication methods, our classes cover it all. We pride ourselves on offering hands-on, practical learning, equipping you with the confidence to tackle real-world welding projects with ease.


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Welding Course

DAY CLASS If you are a mechanic, a car or bike restorer, a DIY’er or maybe you want to start doing some metalwork art or just want to be able to repair the odd broken bracket the skill of being able to weld can be a real-time and money saver.



"An excellent day course, that provided a complete overview of Spray Painting with a good balance of progressive theory and practical application. David's extension knowledge and skill allows for the training to be delivered at an individual level, all practical skills were delivered with all safety considerations taught using first class equipment and materials. Overall a professionally delivered skills course, all you need to start spraying safety with plenty of tips and advice throughout the day, thanks. "
Nick O'Shea
Ultimate Power tools - "A really good course, covering everything that you might need or want to know. I really recommend it. Fantastic. I'll be going back for some more as there is a great range of areas covered by the various courses."
Simon Hall
Upholstery full day class - strip, pad and cover a dining chair - "As a lover of all things arts and crafts, I was very excited to find a woodwork company that offered day classes, rather than courses, relatively locally. The course I attended was run by David, who seems to be a master in pretty much everything and an all-round fascinating man. Nearly eight hours in the workshop flew by and I had a thoroughly enjoyable day. What a workshop!!! There are many courses covering a wide variety of topics from plumbing to making a deck chair; I attended the full day upholstery class. In addition to coming home with a wonderfully revamped kitchen chair, I learnt so much from David, just chatting to him about woodwork and tools. The Great British Woodshop really is great. Fantastic in fact. I highly recommend them and in actual fact have booked on my next project!"
Leanne O'Neill