Spray Painting & Finishing

Spray Painting & Finishing

Learn how to paint everything from an upcycled chair to your car. We have even had some instrument makers in to learn how to spray paint guitars!

If you want to learn how to spray paint and produce professional level finishes this is the course for you. We go through EVERYTHING from the basics of the gun to how to clean them when you’re done. If you want to renovate your kitchen or respray your kitchen cupboard doors with an antique effect or spray paint an old table for a fresh modern look and do it to a professional standard then you will want to learn how to spray paint.

How about spray painting a brick wall or your fence in a quarter of the time or your classic car or bike? When you have learnt how to spray you can apply it to literally any job big or small. In this class you will learn all the techniques you need to do it all and we cover everything from the complete beginner level.

Whether you are spraying automotive materials, furniture lacquer, oil or water-based paint, dye or spray tanning, the techniques and the equipment is all the same. Once you know what material you are going to spray and the techniques of mixing, the skills are the same no matter what it is you’re planning on spraying.

All spray equipment and safety equipment (face masks) are provided but wear long sleeve shirts and work trousers and old shoes. This is paint we’re dealing with so you may get some on you! This is a hands-on course for 1-2 people, you will be prepping,  mixing, spraying, and cleaning a variety of different materials.

We also have equipment for sale if you need it so you can practice and learn on the same equipment. If you already have your own equipment you are welcome to bring it along and learn how to use it properly. We have HVLP, Trans-Tec and Conventional guns, turbines and compressors in the spray shop and we will help you decide which option is the best for what you are trying to achieve.


  • Gun and compressor choice
  • Gun types (gravity, suction, pressure pot)
  • Conventional (LVHP) vs. HVLP vs. Trans-Tec (LVMP)
  • Nozzle and Needle and Air-Cap choice
  • Orange Peel or no Orange Peel, that is the question
  • Setting up the gun
  • Pressures and fan patterns
  • Materials you can spray and how to thin them mixing ratios
  • Water-based
  • Oil-based
  • Spirit-based
  • Dyes
  • Stains
  • Sealing the wood and treatments pre-sealing
  • Pre – Cat (pre-catalyst lacquer) for furniture
  • Base coats and Clear coats for Automotive
  • Tints and Ageing
  • Colour shading
  • Clear and coloured lacquers
  • Spraying techniques with both Conventional and HVLP
  • Health and Safety
  • Ventilation
  • Tips and ideas for making your own spray booth at home
  • Included is a 63 page handout on everything covered in the class and more


All materials are provided but should you wish to bring your own paint or gun please feel free to do so and you can work with your own equipment. Large CFM compressor on site. Starter kits are available that include all the equipment you need to get you spraying.



Location: The Great British Woodshop, Oakcroft Road, West Byfleet, KT14 6JH

Learn how to paint everything from an upcycled chair, to your car. We have even had some guitar makers in to learn!

Price: £250



"An excellent day course, that provided a complete overview of Spray Painting with a good balance of progressive theory and practical application. David's extension knowledge and skill allows for the training to be delivered at an individual level, all practical skills were delivered with all safety considerations taught using first class equipment and materials. Overall a professionally delivered skills course, all you need to start spraying safety with plenty of tips and advice throughout the day, thanks. "
Nick O'Shea
Spray Painting & Finishing
"David is an extremely experience tutor and his knowledge on the topic is very impressive. You leave the day with very solid understanding and practice of the skill as well as a solid appreciation for the equipment, it’s use, maintenance, etc. There are loads of gimmicks out there, so the ability to differentiate the good from the bad, from the useless, … The spray painting workshop was equally impressive. A very good day indeed. Highly recommended."
Michael De Jacquier
Spray Painting & Finishing
I've been on two courses run by David now and both have been excellent. His knowledge is incredible. He's a talented teacher with a good sense of humour. I would definitely recommend.
Spray Painting & Finishing